Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mt. Sherman (9 of 14)

This past saturday we summited the 14er, Mt. Sherman.  We started early at six A.M with blue skies.  This mountain was by far the best 14er so far.  The top was extremely difficult but the ground was stable making unicycling possible.  Then towards mid point it turned into amazing single track right down until the bottom of the mountain.  Towards the bottom the trail turns into a old mining road, with a bunch of abandoned mines on the side of the trail that were fun to jump around on.  All said and done about 80 percent of the descent was ridable (although some areas were a bit sketchy).  To any unicyclist out there that are thinking of attempting a fourteener, I would recommend to try Sherman first. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mount Bross (8 of 14)

Mt. Bross had a nice jeep trail leading half way up to the peak that we powered up.  The last stretch to the top was mostly small rocks making it unicyclable.  Coming down we got excellent weather making it an awesome ride. 

Mount Lincoln (7 of 14)

Mt. Lincoln had a incredibly beautiful peak with half of the mountain with huge cliffs.   The top of Lincoln was hard to ride on due to the cliffs but there was a few spots to ride with buffer zones that protected us from falling off.   In the end one of the best 4teeners so far!!

Mount Cameron (6 of 14)

The path up to Mt. Cameron was a ridge the whole way, meaning it was extremely windy as we approached the summit.  The top was flat and we were able to get in a lot of unicycling.  Since some people don't consider it a true fourteener because of its proximity to Lincoln, we went off a snow cornice at the top and slid down then climbed back up to the summit 3 times in order to count it towards our goal of 14 fourteeners!

Mount Democrat (5 of 14)

Mt. Democrat had a steep ascent, but stretches of unicyling on the way down.  We started at the base at 5:45 AM and powered up.  The wind at the saddle was around 70-90 miles per hour making unicycling ten times harder.  Over all it was a pretty and fun peak.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mt. Princeton (4 of 14) (7/12/09)

Mt. Princeton was the most challenging fourteener we have summitted so far. We did 3,400 vertical feet and seven miles on the trail. the trail was incredible rocky making unicycling and hiking more challenging, but towards the end of the hike the rocks disappeared and we ended up with a few good miles of riding!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quandry (3of14) (7/4/09)

Three of Fourteen Done!

Perfect Fourth of July day, on the trail at 6:20, at the peak at 8:40. Very limited MUni'ing at the top, but the bottom third was excellent, with good log challenges, tree maneuvering, and steep descents. Did this with my whole family making it even more enjoyable.

Come join us on our next adventure next week.